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HS Kinn

saving the world from bad pr0n, one book at a time...

H.S. Kinn

All original fiction © 2005 by H.S. Kinn, all rights reserved.
Photograph © by Burning Blue Photography

I'm an author of para-fantasy romance. I love of English history, ancient Gaelic culture and mythos, and the South. Once upon a time I was a schoolteacher and a speech-language pathologist, but I'm writing full-time now. I have strong opinions on education and the rights of people with disabilities. I've done lay advocacy work for children with disabilities and their families, mostly related to our screwy "free and appropriate education" and what some think passes for "appropriate." As you may have guessed, I have more than a passing interest in politics and education, though I don't blog a great deal on them, when I do I tend to skew Democratic/Libertarian--I am on the cusp of "yes, the gov't f*cks up a lot of stuff, but if we don't take care of our poor, we pay for it." And having worked in Title One schools, we ARE PAYING, guys. Shame on us!

I actually blog here and at MySpace a great deal more here than at BlogSpot. I leave previews, promos and random thoughts public, so browse at will. I'd also invite you to visit my partners-in-crime --Kayleigh Jamison, Katrina Strauss, Ivana Peters, Adrianne Brennan, Candice Gilmer and Savannah Jordan, unity_of_hours, and tq_kimber!

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All written works © by H.S. Kinn, all rights reserved.

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