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Dear Gentle Readers,

Hello and welcome to my journal! I'm Heather, aka HS Kinn. I'm an author, a vegan, and an all-around geekette.   My journal is semi-locked, but you may find what's public of interest to you.  Public things include my thoughts on the publishing industry, writing, progressive social reform, and recipes of vegan-y goodness.  I am liberal, Pagan, vegan and unapologetic about any of it.

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HHS "Conscience Rule" is almost a done deal

Despite public outcry, W has decided to kick women's rights in the teeth on his way out, AGAIN. According to Women's Health, the "conscience rule" will likely be written up tomorrow and will go into effect 30 days thereafter. It's an executive rule, and I hope it will be promptly addressed by the Obama administration once he's sworn in. Someone tell Joe Biden, he'll get all up in that. :D

In the meantime, ladies, if a pharmacy decides to allow its employees to deny medications based on the conscience rule, BOYCOTT them. That's right, vote with your feet. Dear pharmacists, I'm sorry, but if your conscience prevents you from dispensing the medications prescribed by a physician for whatever reason, FIND ANOTHER JOB.

No really. I have a degree in education. I could go teach at a Christian school but I don't. You know why? I'm Pagan. That's right. I don't go work at said Christian school and then whine about it conflicting with my beliefs. Get a grip, and join a profession more suited to your belief system. It will make everyone happier, including you.

I'm quite serious about the boycott. I'm going to call my local pharmacy where I get my $550 a month in prescriptions filled, and by god, if they don't fill EVERYONE's prescriptions, they won't be getting my monies. I'll take my expensive asthma/allergy meds elsewhere. I urge you all to do the same.
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weekend update, w/ hs kinn

Randomized for your pleasure. Or something.

I haz tween boys. The Sithling is having a sleepover w/his BFF tonight.

I still work for the Evil Empire. I still like it, but it's given me wicked carpal. Well, I had the beginnings of carpal before, but this has made it worse. I've been working and sleeping in splints to keep my wrists from getting more fucked up.

This week's my third anniversary w/Mr K. I'd still marry him again.

Batman Batman Batman. We're going to see it at midnight, on our anniversary, and we're bringing the Sithling and friends. What? That's not romantic? Well...he's taking me to a nice restaurant for our anniversary the next night, ALONE. Sans children.

Speaking of movies, I can't get worked up about Twilight. I haven't read the books, so I'm kinda meh about it. Of course, stuff like this doesn't help. I blame you, duncatra.

On the other hand, I am totally worked up for the new Clone Wars film. Moar Star Wars, plz.

I am still mulling over the Thinking and Drinking fiasco at, to the point where if my wrists weren't fucked, I'd have probably fired up a feminist/girly blog over it. I told the Sithling's Godmother that I can't quite related to the third wave of feminists. She and I both identify as feminists, of course.

These entries, and the ensuing comments beget the question, can you think that using your body to manipulate men is a feminist act? There's a word for that...but it's not's asshole. Seriously, if you feel free to "do it to the men before they do it unto you", you're the type that will manipulate anyone, not just men. Stop co-opting the cause to justify your bad behavior, assholes.

Han still kicks ass...

...and so does Dr. Jones. I had the pleasure of watching a midnight opening of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls. Indie still kicks ass. I'll try and write a more coherent review when I haven't stayed up late and then worked all day but yeah. Awesome. Go. see. it. NOW.
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How to save a life

I feel very blessed and lucky to live in the USA. No, I'm not going all jingoistic on you, I swear, but I am grateful for modern medicine. Healthcare here in the States is a sticky issue, and one I won't rant and rant about today, because I'm gonna talk about women who don't have access, even via the emergency room, to obstetric care. This one's near to me, because when I had my son, I hemorrhaged pretty severely. It's not fun, even if you don't die from it.

May 09, 2008
Simple Innovation Saves Women's Lives

Around the globe, 500,000 women die every year from complications related to giving birth. The most common cause is obstetrical hemorrhage, or heavy bleeding, which can cause death in two hours or less.

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Happy Mother's Day!

For my mom, who is awesome:
Mom and Me 1975

and my Grandma, from whom I get my curly locks and stubborn temperament:

Grandma & me 1987

I can hear you laughing at my hair. You just wish you'd had hair that fierce back in the 80s.

While we're discussing fab moms and flashbacks, here's my baby godmother, who scanned a pic of us back in the 90s: Collapse )
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good reads!

Hey Gloria!

I’m reading Son of the Morning right now and it’s AWESOME! I hope the Naked Gentleman worked out as well for you! :D

Incidentally, gentle readers, I must mention just how fabulous Sally MacKensie’s Naked series is - Kayleigh Jamison got me started on them and now we’re going through the whole series! They are Regency through and through, and while more risque than a traditional Cartland, but it’s appropriate for a Regency, if that makes sense. It’s got the playful banter and underlying sexual tension and it’s…like chocolate mousse - decadent and light as air.

I’ll post more about Son of the Morning later, but for now I’m totally sucked into it. The hero’s a hunky Scot, and there’s time travel, and Grace, the heroine is awesome - intelligent and attractive, but not too much - not Mary Sue perfect.

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Carl Sagan

The simple things

As you all know, I just celebrated my birthday. Today my son's godmother (and one of my beffies since high school) came over, and brought me a couple gifts.

She got me a Diva Cup - not of interest to you gentlemen, I know, but I've been thinking about getting one cause it's more ecologically friendly.

She also bought me one of my most fave goodies - a Terra Nostra Rice Milk Choco bar. I know, a chocolate bar? But when you're vegan you eat a LOT of dark chocolate, and milk chocolate is verboten - and even if it weren't, it bothers my tummy. So the Terra Nostra bar is rice milk, and easy on my tum. And the kind she bought, they don't sell at my local health food stores. I can get the plain bar and then fight the Sithling for it. You know it's good cause Mr Picky loves it, LOL.

The final thing she got me, which I thought was very thoughtful and very her, was a National Geographic magazine, from April 1975. *G* I am reading it now. I'm gonna have to take some pics of the ads, omg. I wish my scanner wasn't dead, or I'd scan samples for you.